amber liquor



Contemporary research has confirmed the healing properties of amber. Amber acid that it contains stimulates work of kidneys, intestines and the nervous system. Above all, however, amber has anti-inflammatory properties. Liqueur produced of Polish amber is a recognized medicine for rheumatism, asthma and diseases of the respiratory system.

Recipe: wash about 50 g of pieces of amber and put them into a crystal decanter, pour 250 g of 95% spirit on it, so that the spirit is at least 1–2 cm over the amber. The prepared liqueur should be put in a dark place. After two weeks the liqueur is ready. (The longer it stays in the container, the better its healing properties are.) It does not have to be strained nor poured with water. Amber does not dissolve well in spirit, but it exudes microscopic healing particles, coloring the spirit golden. When the liqueur has been finished, the pieces of amber can be crumbled and poured with spirit again.