Amber Healing Properties

Medical Properties of Amber

Miraculous healing properties of Polish amber has been known for centuries. Research shows that this stone contains many precious microelements: silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids. In the past amber was used to manufacture jewelry and amulets protecting particularly from diseases, as well as to fabricate decorations, which were believed to ensure young appearance.

At present amber, having healing properties, is widely used in natural medicine. For instance, a piece of rough amber pressed against the solar plexus stabilizes the functioning of the heart, the circulatory system and the spleen. Specialists in natural medicine advise that pieces of amber be put in a shirt pocket during heart problems. With problems with the thyroid one can wear amber on their neck (similarly also in asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis or toothaches). Amber acid has also been shown to work like a bio-stimulator – it stimulates the nervous system, regulates the functioning of kidneys and intestines, it is an anti-inflammatory and antitoxic substance. On its basis ointments and creams for rheumatic and asthmatic ailments, ulcerations and skin irritations as well as diseases of the bronchus, the throat and the thyroid are produced.

However, only raw (that is rough) amber has a beneficial influence on our health. It has antibacterial properties, helps with healing injuries and also lowers arterial blood pressure, intensifies the secretion of bile, calms down and activates the organism to fight with diseases and to regenerate.

Acid and oil from amber are also used by the cosmetics industry, as they destroy free radicals and bacteria and also have disinfectant properties. They soothe the effects of burns and insect bites as well. Cosmetics containing amber are used to care for a fatigued complexion, which requires a lot of energy for cell renovation of the skin to occur. They also improve the hydration and lubrication of the skin and cause it to be more pert and elastic. They significantly reduce the roughness of the skin as well as the depth of wrinkles.

Applications of Polish amber in natural medicine:

Headaches – putting a warm amber on your head; 

Migraines – wearing a headband with a sewn-in amber every day, rubbing amber liqueur into your temples; 

Problems with the throat or the thyroid – wearing scarfs, neckerchiefs with an amber inside, bead necklaces, pendants, brooches, etc., made of rough amber, rubbing with the liqueur; 

Rheumatic pains, muscle and joint pains – using massaging car seat covers with an amber inside, heating up robes for armchairs, a band with an amber inside tightening the sore muscle, blankets and shawls to cover, cushions with an amber sewn-in, the BTL method – putting a warm amber on the sore spot, rubbing it with amber liqueur; 

Problems with the alimentary canal, upper respiratory tract infections – wearing accessories made of raw amber, scarfs and neckerchiefs with a sewn-in amber, putting a warm amber on the sore spot and rubbing with the liqueur; Stress, fatigue – wearing accessories made of amber, e.g. pendants, staying close to a salt lamp with amber, it is advised to freshen the air with etheric oils added to every amber soil lamp.